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What our ‘Reviewz Rock’ is all about

Before we purchase anything, we normally have a habit of searching the world wide web for reliable and honest product reviews for that product or service. We read and understand the user’s experience of buying or using that product or service. We generally scan through several such user reviews and then finally we form an opinion about that product or service and then decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

This entire exercise of researching on the web takes considerable amount of time for a shopper. What if somebody does this in-depth research and presents a consolidated trust-worthy product review for a particular product or service after taking into account the experience of multiple users for that product or service? Will this not be a great convenience for the shopper who does not have so much time at their disposal to do such detailed research themselves?

The panel of reviewers at Reviewz Rock does just that!

We research a product or service thoroughly on the web, understand what several hundred users say about that product, consolidate our results, rank the product or service based on that research and present it at Reviewz Rock.

Please note that our research and reviews are completely unbiased, truthful and honest and is based on actual facts as available on the internet. We would like to emphasize here that we do NOT receive any payment or compensation for positive reviews.

We would be really happy to help our visitors to take an informed decision based on our product reviews.

You are encouraged to where we will share discounts and coupons, on a regular basis, as announced by different vendors and also tips on various aspects of shopping.

We hope you have a fruitful and productive time at our Reviewz Rock.

Thanks for your patronage!

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Rajagopalan loves shopping and has been an online shopper with a difference. He has perfected the art of getting his hands on the best products at amazing deals without ever compromising on the quality of the product as well as the vendor. His product reviews and niche stores dramatically improve your chances of getting the best products at unbelievable prices online.

Rajagopalan is a software programmer and a systems analyst by profession. So, you will also see him writing a lot on computers, software, data security and generally, anything about IT.

As a result of his concept of healthy living, Rajagopalan and his family have always believed in using water which is filtered hygienically and using the latest natural methods of filtration.

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Kalpana is a skincare and beauty enthusiast who has done extensive research in finding the best and the most effective natural skincare, hair loss and beauty products.

She is experienced in homoeopathy and natural remedies. Over the years, she and her family have developed a strong trust and respect for these systems of medicines as they have proved very effective in treating all sorts of ailments and health conditions.

She is a double graduate both in Science & Education and is also a certified educator. She has several years of experience in educating high school children.

Through these reviews, she shares her findings and expertise in helping other women and men to achieve and retain their health, well being and youthful looks.

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